How to work the Cancellation Report

Automatic Cancellations Through The Patient Portal

Vital Interaction Appointment Reminder messages typically prompt the patient to respond with CONFIRM or DECLINE.  We then update the Message Status for the appointment in Vital Interaction.  The best way to review up-to-date information is to work with the Vital Interaction  Facility Reports.

When Automatic Cancellations are active, the DECLINE link in email and text messages is replaced with a CANCELLATION link.  When the CANCELLATION link is selected, the patient is directed to a Patient Portal where they are required to validate the cancellation request by entering their Name and Date of Birth.  Upon successful submission, the appointment is cancelled in the Practice Management System and the new status is sent to the Vital Interaction Referral Reports.

Below is a patient view of the cancellation submission portal:

Upon successful submission by the patient, a Vital Interaction User Notification is sent, which links to the Referral Tool

Note: The Referral Tool is not found in the Facility Reports.

To find the cancellations:  Go to Vital Interaction > Tools > Referrals > Appointments > Cancelled/Rescheduled...

A list of successful Cancellation Requests will populate.

Tip:  Working this report is a good opportunity to monitor cancellations and follow up with patients to ensure they are rescheduled.

Patients have an option to leave a reason for their cancellations.  To view their free text reason, in Actions > click View Notes.

Users also have the option to add notes, which is recommended if multiple people are working the reports.

Things to Note

When a patient successfully verifies their cancellation, the appointment is marked as DECLINED in the Facility Reports but the appointment is CANCELLED in the Practice Management System.

Upon data upload (which generally takes place overnight), the appointment is marked as Cancelled/Rescheduled in PM System in the Vital Interaction Facility Reports.

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