Editing General Settings

Message schedule can be changed on a default level and on a clinic level. Some practices prefer different schedules across clinics.

Go to edit global settings got to Settings, General Settings


Delivery Time Prior to Appointment:

On, off, or on as backup?

Bounce or No Email Address?

Best practices

  •          Send email before text or IVR, 72 hours is the most common delivery time.
  •          If sending an email 5 or more days before the appointment, remove confirmation option so another reminder is sent closer to the appointment. This applies if stop all messages on confirmation or decline is set to YES

Text Messages

Same options as email with the following exceptions

Text Message Expiration

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Phone(s) to call

Times to Retry if No Answer

Customer Links

Populate links to embed in emails

Ignore Provider Contact Preference

If Selected

  • Vital Interaction will use all available patient contact information and send according to message delivery schedule

If deselected

  • Vital Interaction will send messages according to practice patient preference

Message Settings

Duplicate Message Settings

Stop all Messages on Conf or Decl
  • If set to yes, no more reminders will send if first reminder is confirmed or declined

Time Zone

  • Delivery schedule and reports will reflect your time zone

Leave Message

  • Depends how many times to retry if no answer (first attempt is recommended)

Begin Delivery

  • Exact: Send according to message queue
  • Earliest delivery time: Set to the start of begin delivery time

Earliest / Latest Delivery time

  • Depending on your workflow, keep delivery time within the hours your practice is open to enable incoming calls to reschedule

Vacations / Holidays

  • Email support@vitalinteraction.com for assistance with recordings. Customer recordings are usually set up during the implementation process
  • If no recording, a computer generated voice will play

Email Preferences

  • Automatically send email to Vital Interaction support staff whenever a new Recall Type, Facility, Provider or Appt Type is Added. We will work with you for a customized set up process.

User's Custom Authentication Settings

Default Settings (Customized settings can be changed by emailing support@vitalinteraction.com)

  • By default password should be expire after six months
  • By default user must have strong password
  • By default Session lifetime - 15 minutes
  • By default there are 6 login attempts
  • By default allowed login attempts duration is 1200 seconds

Update Facilities

  • Select update facilities to mirror general settings message delivery settings, if delivery schedule is different on a facility level see Edit Clinic Settings Document

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