Editing Object / Appointment Types

Vital Interaction pulls appointment information from your practice management system. Whenever an appointment is made, we will upload that information by the following day. To check if an object has been uploaded...

Go to Vital Interaction > Settings > Object Type Settings...

To view Appointment Types, ensure that the Appointment Reminder tab is selected (it is the default setting on this page)...

Select the Appointment Type that you need to review > click on the Appt Type ID to edit or click on the Action = Disable button to turn off messages for this Appointment Type.

Note:  The red Disable action button is displayed for all active Appointment Types.  The green Enable action button is displayed for all inactive Appointment Types (inactive Appointment Types are also grayed-out and listed at the bottom of the report).

Tip:  New Appointment Types are delivered to Vital Interaction as enabled (meaning that we will start sending Appointment Reminder messages immediately.  Contact support if new Appointment Types require special messaging or need to be disabled).

Note:  If Do Not Load Message is selected, messages will not go out. 

Appointment Type Custom Messages allow specific phrases (related to an Appointment Type) to go out within messages.  This allows you to tailor messages by Appointment Type without creating a new message.

How it works:  A Replacement Field ({appt_type_custom_message_1}) is included in the Appointment Reminder Message Template.  If there is no Custom Message defined for the Appointment Type, then nothing is added to the message.  But, if a Custom Message has been entered, then the phrase will be inserted into the message.  

Recommendation:  Recordings can be made if the Appointment Type Custom Message is a long-term feature. 

Vital Interaction also offers:

  • Provider Custom Messages
  • Clinic/Facility Custom Messages

Please ask a member of our support staff for instructions or assistance. Email:  support@vitalinteraction.com

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