How to associate messages

Now you've created a message, it needs to be 'associated'. Different levels of associations ensure the message is delivered to the right patients. See example below

You might want specific directions for an appointment type such as new patients to arrive 15 minutes early. This sort of message can be associated with new patient appointment types, only going to patients with that appointment type.

Lets assume you've already made the message and now want to associate it.

  • Select Tools > CMT > Search Messages
  • Select the search parameters. Leave blank if searching for all
  • Select Settings Icon on the message you’d like to associate
  • Select the number or email (in this case, email) to send the messages and level of association and select, create association.

Manage association page will open with a preview of the message and an option to edit

Select the email or phone number to associate the message with (there is usually only one option)

Select the level of association using the key above.

Select as many associations as needed, when finished, select Create Association. 
Made an incorrect association? No problem, simply select delete

Note: If the same message is associated with a provider and an appt type, the patient will receive the appt type message

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