Email Messages

Emails have a different process when editing / creating because there are two parts to creating an email

  • Plain text: Is delivered when the recipient does not have html enabled. 
  • HTML Template: The preferred delivery method, which works on most devices. HTML templates allow you to customize a nice looking email with logos and colors. It is also very useful in adding hyper links

First, lets look at how to create an email from scratch in CMT > Create Interactive Message Using an Existing Template

If creating a new email, wherever possible, use an existing template (even preview it!) to save time in adding a logo and changing colors. A new directory will be created and will duplicate the existing message.

If no template exists for the message kind

You might want to create a new message kind using one of our sample template. Simply select 'Create New Message And Template' to be taken to the email template tool. Select your message kind and choose one of our pre-existing templates by selecting 'Quick Edit Sample Templates'

Create Plain Text

This is useful if no template is needed. This is common for simple custom messages

Another way to create and edit emails is to search existing emails in CMT > Search Messages

Select CMT > Search Messages. Select the search parameters. Leave blank if searching for all.

See below for an example email

Edit: Opens The Email Template Tool: Publishing affects live messages

Add Using This: Opens Email Template Tool, clones the existing template and creates a new message directory (does not affect live messages until associated).
Tip: Change the template name and subject to identify later when searching for your new message.

Preview: View the current email template

Manage Email: Used to associate email to live data such as Facility, doctor or appt type

Edit or Add Using This will open the Email Template Tool. The first step is editing the plain text

Use tags to identify the message when searching

The next step is the HTML portion of the email

Upload Logo: Use to add your own logo

Change Hyper Link: Useful when adding your website link, or review.

Change Button: Button links will be pre-populated. When adding or editing the decline or confirm (VI recommends removing the buttons if sending emails 5 or more days before the appointment) 

Edit Colors: Use this tool to change the default colors. Select the edit colors check box

Select any area within the template that needs to be changed and select color from the grid

HTML Editor: Use this view to allow more flexibility and highlighting certain text or manually inputting hyperlinks. For the advanced user, you can change the HTML by selecting Source

Confirm and decline responses are pre populated, scroll down to view and edit

If this is a new message, Click Save and Publish in Quick Edit view if happy with the changes

If editing a current message, and you want to save as draft, select Save. And select publish when happy with the draft.

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