How to Enter Vacation Days and Holidays

When to Add Vacations

Set vacations if the normal message delivery schedule should continue but the office is closed. This means that  Declines will not Connect to Clinic.

When to Add Holidays

If you don’t want to send messages on holidays, then the days that you want to exclude from message delivery need to be entered as Holidays

Note:  Messages will be moved to the first business day prior to the holiday.

To set Vacation days and Holidays, go to...   

Vital Interaction > Settings > General Settings... 

Tip: 12:00 AM is the first minute of the day and 11:59 PM is the last minute of the day. If your office closes at Noon (on the day before a holiday), then enter the Holiday Begin time as 12:00 PM and the Holiday End time as 11:59 PM.

... Enter the Vacation/Holiday Begin and End dates and times > click the add button > click the Update General Settings button.

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