How to Send Appointment Delay/Move Up Messages

Step 1 

Go to Tools > Group Messages

Filter by Begin/End time, can also filter by Doctor, Clinic and Appointment Types

Select the Appointments tab and in the Message Kind drop down, select Appt Delay / Move Up and Appt Delay Type if there is more than one message

Select Add or Subtract and up to 4 hours each way

Scroll to the bottom, and change the number of appointments per page to a larger number if there are more than 25 appointments

If there are more than 250 appointments, make sure you do the following steps for each tab numbered at the bottom

If appointments in the list have different delay/move up times, update individually or in select groups depending on time change. When finished updating individual appointments, select  Update Appointment Time, select all appointments and clck Send Message to Selected Patients

If wanting to change all the appointment times in the list with the same delay/Move up, select all and click  Send Message to Selected Patients

Here is an example of an email message sent to move up a message

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