How to Move Message Delivery Time

There are various use cases for moving a message delivery time or even deleting messages to be sent.

Move Message Delivery Time

For example, if running a messaging campaign for patients to sign up for a new patient portal and messages are due to go out too close to the deadline. Messages can be manually delivered sooner.

Perhaps you want all appointment reminders delivered before a holiday. This is useful so patients can call to reschedule while the office is open.

Delete Messages to be Sent

If a facility has closed or you wish to turn off a doctor's messages, but messages are already loaded, then you can delete those messages in the queue.

To move message delivery time and/or delete messages to be sent, go to Message Reports > Messages To Be Sent

Select parameters for the appointments to be moved, such as date, clinic, doctor and message type.

To narrow down your search to appointment times, use the message delivery time and appointment time parameters. First, check your message delivery schedule to catch the range, then filter by appointment time. For example, if messages are due to go out 72 hours before the appointment, then appointment reminder messages will go out on Tuesday for appointments scheduled on Friday.

Note: Some messages may have already gone out if email, text and IVR are set to different days.

The example below shows appointment reminders to be sent. Use the Action button to select all messages (click the box in the column header) or select individual messages by row.

Note: The default view is Appointment Reminders, to select other message kinds such as Pre Appointments, select the message kind tab.

If there are messages due to go out that should not, then click on the red Delete button.

To change the delivery time, click on the Update Message Delivery Time button.  Select the New Message Delivery Time using the calendar and time sliders

Note: If there are multiple messages to move, only 250 can be moved at a time. Select 250 in the number drop down (bottom right), update message delivery time, then move to the next screen upon update and repeat. 

Tip:  Vital interaction recommends spacing message delivery time if moving multiple messages.


Click on the Update button. Messages will be delivered at the time specified.

How to Stop Appointment Reminders From Being Sent

If you have deleted messages in the queue, it's also a good idea to mark Do Not Send Message in Facility Reports to prevent deleted messages from re-loading during the overnight sync with your practice management system (PMS).

If the appointments that you need to cancel/reschedule are not cancelled in your PMS, then go through the following steps:

Go to Message Reports > Facility Reports...

    Select the same appointment date ranges and filter settings used to send the cancellation messages...

    In the Do Not Send Message column (on the right-hand side of the table), place a check mark in the boxes to prevent appointment reminder messages from being sent to the patients that you are trying to reschedule.

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