Find when a message was sent to a specific patient

Patient Reports is a useful tool to research the message history for specific patients and it comes in handy for the use case described below.

Note:  The key difference between Patient Reports and View Messages By Patient Name is:

  • Patient Reports:  Tracks specific messages received by each patient (need the patient name)
  • View Messages By Patient Name:  A chronological order of messages received and especially useful for searching via phone number or email address

Use Case

You want to find the messages that were sent to a patient for an appointment.  You have a phone number or email address, but you don't know the exact appointment date.  In this case, go to Patient Settings > View Messages By Patient Name.

  • If all you have is the patient's name, go to Patient Settings Patient Reports.
  • If you have the appointment date and time, go to Message Reports Facility Reports.

Enter the phone number or email address and a chronological list of the messages will display...

However, we want to access the appointment.  The next step is to find the patient in Patient Settings > Patient Reports...

When you've located your patient, you can view all the messages that have been sent to this patient by clicking on the blue bubble containing a number in the  Num Msg Sent column... 

Pick the message that matches the delivery time prior to the appointment you are researching...

  • The appointment time and date display in the top right corner.
  • The message correspondence shows the messages sent to the patient and the responses that were received from the patient.  
  • In the example below, the n indicates a Decline response from the patient and therefore a need to cancel or reschedule the appointment.

Follow the same steps for email messages and select Email Preview to see the message. 

Note:  The voice phone calls (IVR) are not currently available for playback, but it is a planned feature enhancement.

If you have the appointment date and time, then... 

  1. Go to Message Reports > Facility Reports...
  2. Enter the appointment date in the Start Time and End Time fields.  Follow this link for a more detailed description
  3. Find your patient in the table...
  4. Select Log for the history of the appointment details
  5. Click on the blue bubble in the Num Msg Sent column to see the messages that were sent for that appointment

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