Recalls Report

To view recalls... 

Go to Message ReportsFacility Reports > select the Recall tab at the top of the table...

A list of patients due for an appointment will appear.

Note:  Depending on your Recall message set up, patients are either: 

  • Prompted to call the office to schedule an appointment
  • Prompted for a response to the Recall message and then notified they will receive a call from your office to schedule an appointment when they choose the Confirm option

Tip:  Make sure you know what the patient is prompted to do.  To view message set up go to the Message Associations document.

Best Workflow Practices Using Comments And Actions For Busy Practices

To view patients who have confirmed that they are ready to schedule an appointment but have not yet been scheduled... 

  1. Select a Recall Date Range, (you may need to go back in time, depending on your workflow)
  2. Select Status = Confirmed 
  3. Select Future Appointment = No

Tip:  We have found it is a good practice is to leave comments each time you contact a patient.  An additional step is to make use of the Action box. For example, if you leave a voicemail message for a patient or successfully schedule an appointment, then place a check mark in the Action box.  This will help narrow down future search parameters depending on your workflow.

To view patients who have already scheduled an appointment, select Future Appointment = Yes.

Breakdown Of Message Statuses Based On Search Parameters

For a breakdown of the Recall Message Statuses, scroll to the bottom of the report.

This report is available for printing via the  Print Report button at the top of the table.

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