Interactive Voice Recording Messages (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response Messages rely on a message bank of recordings. This article will show you best practices in creating and managing IVR messages.

  • Create Interactive Message which allows you to create a message from scratch
  • Add Using This (recommended) In this example we will use the Add Using This option

Log into the messaging tool  Tools > CMT > Search

Select the search parameters. Leave blank if searching for global default or use the search options to view your customer specific messages

A list of messages will appear with the following options

  1. Edit: Edit a current message (Note: cannot edit global messages, only add using this) 
  2. Add Using This: When add using this is selected, a clone of the message will be created with no association. This method is useful when wishing to create a new message and not start from scratch. For example, you may want new patients to arrive 15 minutes early to complete paperwork. By selecting Add Using This, you can add the desired wording and then associate the new message to new patient appointment types. Only patients with that appointment type will receive the message. Read Associating Messages for more directions.
  3. Manage: Assign associations based on Customer level, Facility, Provider, Appt Type. See Manage Associations Document to
  4. Preview IVR: Play the message

When Selecting Edit / Add Using This IVR Messages:

Blue boxes show different stages of the message, in this example we want to create a new patient appointment reminder by asking to arrive 15 minutes early. Find the slot where the 15 minute early prompt needs to be place, starting with a '{'. Recording suggestions will appear to the right, select your desired recording and the field will populate

Select a ‘replacement field’. For example, {first_name} is the first name of the recipient.

If the desired text does not pop up, select Find Recordings to see a list of suggestions. If a suggestion from other recordings is desirable, simply click arrow to populate the field, If the suggestions do not match your needs, you can make a new recording

Note: If no request is made, a computer generated voice will be played in its place

Create Request: Messages have different sections, such as Human Voice or Answer Machine. These sections have their own separate recording locations. Creating a Request will only populate the section you are in.

Create Multiple Requests: This allows you to make a recording for multiple sections of the message. Simply select the sections you want to create the recording for.

Contact Person: Set yourself as the contact person, which prompts an email when the recording is ready

Comment: Leave a comment for any special direction for the recording

  • Follow the same steps for the other message columns
  • Create message tags for convenient searching
  • Select Save message if happy with the message or save as draft to come back later and make changes

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