Caller ID Name and Number Options in Vital Interaction FAQ

Q. Can Vital Interaction use a phone number I control to provide outgoing calls?

A. Yes, we will set up a time to get approval from you via touchtone phone and then can begin masking outgoing phone calls with your phone number.  The caller id name associated with that number will begin appearing. The downside to this solution is that you will lose the ability for incoming phone calls to play back the original message sent, so most likely will result in more inbound traffic to your office.

Q. Can Vital Interaction set the caller id name for the unique phone number they use for my messages?

A. We cannot set up the caller name using our phone number, but you can purchase another number from your phone company and for example make it your unique appointment reminder line.  You can have the caller name set up and have that number forwarded to our unique number. We would then use the phone number masking process mentioned in above question to ensure the caller id name matches your practice. 

Q. Can I have text messages masked with the phone number of our practice or another number we provide you?

A. No we cannot mask text messages with a different phone number because of technical limitations typically by phone companies.

Q. What are the advantages of setting up caller id with a number I control?

A. The pros of masking a phone number is that we can have caller id appear with a name that matches your practice.   This is only relevant for people who subscribe to caller name look up services on their home or cell phone lines.  For those who use contacts in their cell phone for phone number look up this is not nearly as critical.

Q. What are the disadvantages of setting up caller id with a number I control?

A. The disadvantages of masking a phone number is that unless you dedicate a unique line you control and directly forward it to the unique number in our system, you will most likely increase inbound phone traffic.   This is because people often just call back numbers they have missed phone calls from or, see that they left a voice mail message.  Please note if you do choose to set up your own unique phone number and forward it to the unique Vital Interaction phone number, you will want to do it for each business process.  So if you have recalls and appointment reminders enabled, you will need to set up a unique phone number for recalls and a unique phone number for appointment reminders.

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