How to run a text message campaign

Use Case

I'd like to send messages back and forth to patients within the VI (Vital Interaction) portal, how do I do that and how to check for a reply?


Unidentified Message Response & Response Interpretation, what do they mean and how are they defined?

If unidentified response in ON in general settings. The system will be looking for either a confirmation, Decline or unsubscribe. This setting applies across all message kinds. This will be defined by message kind in future releases.

Response Interpretation: Define in General Settings


  • Confirmation Y for Text 1 for IVR
  • Decline N for Text, 9 for IVR
  • Unsubscribe: STOP for Text, Unsubscribe option for Email. Does not apply to IVR.

Anything outside of the above options triggers an unidentified message response, commonly stated as seen below. For example, if a patient states YES, VI will not accept it as a confirmation.

VI can accept variations of message responses. Cannot guarantee the system will accept certain responses as a decline or confirm. For example, VI will accept "Yes" as a message response.

The below example is the default unidentified message response.

I want to create a custom message to send to patients but i'm concerned about the unidentified message response, what are my options?

Options for set-up

Un-check unidentified message response in the general settings page, keeping in mind this applies across all message types. VI recommends this setting if you are to to run a custom message campaign.

Recommendation: If choosing to keep this on, change the text in the unidentified message response section, for example:

“Thank you for your response, someone will get back to you shortly” This will be sent regardless of the patient response

Change response interpretation to LOOSE

Setting to loose means an unidentified message

How to make a custom message

There are two ways to make a custom message

1: Quick Message

  • Make a Quick message as a custom message is the easiest method because it not only creates the message but also creates a message type and associated it with that message type.
  • If using this method, the default unidentified response will be inserted. To change this, edit the message in the CMT. This only applies if you have unidentified message response ON
  • The CMT is a free of charge new feature in Beta for VI, if you would like to request access please notify our support. 

2: CMT

  • The CMT allows users to Create, edit, and manage their messages.
  • Step one is to Add an Object

Adding an object

Adding an object is required if you are running several messages for a custom message, pre appointment or after appointment campaign.

As noted: if you make a  quick message, an object is automatically added and associated. If you are making messages in the CMT tool, you'll need to manually add an object and associate it.

  • Go to settings, object type settings. Simply select the message type and select add, as shown below.

Now your all set. To send the message, use the  group message tool and filter by the object type created for the campaign. There is no limit on messages or campaigns.

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