Creating Custom Views in Facility Reports

Vital Interaction is constantly looking for ways to make reporting easier. We're happy to announce savable views in Facility Reports. Why is this useful? Less clicking to get to the information you need.

How to Create Views

Let's take a common task, checking daily declines...

Log into Vital Interaction. Select Reports > Facility Reports...

Select your desired search parameters.  For our example, you may want to limit your search by Clinic or Doctor and set the Status menu selection to Declined.

Note: Check the message schedule in General Settings to determine how many days in the future to include in your search.  The End Date is determined by the first message a patient receives with the DECLINE response option.  (Ask your manager or Vital Interaction Support if you aren't sure.)

Also check the following:

Do you send messages on the weekend?  

The options are:

  • Business Days Only:  Messages are delivered Monday through Friday (excluding weekends).  Saturday and Sunday are not included in the calculations.
  • Move Weekend Messages to Friday:  Messages due to go out on Saturday or Sunday will be sent on Friday.  Saturday and Sunday are included in the calculations.
  • Default:  Messages are delivered on the weekend and all seven days of the week are included in calculations.

Note: If you do not send messages on weekends, the report will pull differently depending on the day. As long as the message status is set (such as decline), setting the end date further out will ensure all data is captured with a sent message. 

For more detailed information, the following documents may help:

When your search parameters are selected, click Add View.

User Views vs. User Permissions

Default:  Any user can create their own default view. The Default view will load when selecting Facility Reports.

Global:  Admins can create Global Views for all the users on the account. This might be useful if there are views regularly checked across the team.

Editing a View

To edit a view, simply select the view and click Update. Adjust accordingly and save.

Users can create and name as many views as desired.

Any questions?

  • Our support department is open weekdays 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Central Timezone)


Expect a response within two hours

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