Using Facility Reports to Reduce No Shows

Facility Reports are a useful tool to view the status of messages sent and messages to be sent across facilities (Clinics) and providers (Doctors). The report can also help with the follow up for patients who have declined appointments or have invalid phone numbers and did not receive a message, which will help reduce no shows.

What is the best approach to decrease our No Show Rate?

Our experience suggests that you should do daily follow-up calls with your patients that have:

  • Responded to an Appointment Reminder message with the Decline option (Status = Declined)
  • Failed to receive the Appointment Reminder message (Status = Message Not Received)

See the Message and Status Report Descriptions document for a detailed outline of message statuses.

Go to Message Reports > Facility Reports...

Start by filtering your search parameters.

Message Report Key
Search Parameter What It Means
Start – End Time Ranges in appointment date
Clinic Search for messages related to specific clinics/facilities
Doctor Search for messages by specific providers
Status Various message parameters. For example, patients who declined.
Number of messages sent Recommend show all (-1 = Show All)
Appointment type View across different appointment types

Tip:  View multiple message statuses at the same time (hold down the CTRL key while clicking on the selections in the menu) such as Declined, Message Not Received, and Message Not Sent

Choose a date range starting today and ending 1-3 days in the future. Most messages are delivered 24-72 hours prior to appointments. Check with your manager or Vital Interaction support if you don't know your message delivery schedule.

Tip:  To view a history of the appointment details and a list of the messages that were sent, select Log in the right-hand column, the Show option will provide additional details about the patient.

A detailed breakdown of message statuses (based on search parameters) will appear at the bottom of the page along with a chart.

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