How to Send a Quick Message

Step 1

Go to Tools > Quick Message

You will get the Create Quick Message Tool 

  1. Message Type: This is what you will see in the Group Messages Tool when sending the message
  2. Message Title: To differentiate between different drafts. Currently VI support personnel will need to be contacted to switch to a different draft of the same message kind, in the future this will be a feature users can do themselves.
  3. Message Text: The message you want to send
  4. Select the email and/or phone number that will be used to deliver the message
  5. Select “Create Message”

Step 2 

Go to Tools > Group Messages

Filter by Begin Time & End Time for Appointments, Doctors and Appointment Types. (to filter by Patient select the Patients Tab)

In Message Kind select Custom Message from the drop down

Select contact preference: Leaving blank will send all available methods

Select the patient(s) you want to the send the message to (you can select all by checking the box to the left of First Name)

Once you have selected the patient(s), scroll down to the bottom and click on Send Message To Selected Patients

Still need help? Contact Support Contact Support