FAQ for New Accounts

What reports do I need to look at in Vital Interaction each day?

Facility Reports:  

  • Filtered for workflow (hold down CTRL key to select multiple items in a menu) to include: 
    • Declined 
    • Message Not Received
    • Message Not Sent (optional)
  • Set a date range:
    • Start Time = Today 
    • End Time = 1-3 days in the future (most messages are delivered 24-72 hours prior to appointments)

What is the best approach to decrease our No Show Rate?

Our experience suggests that you should do daily follow-up calls with your patients that have either: 

  • Responded to an appointment reminder message with the Decline option (Status = Declined)
  • Failed to receive a message (Status = Message Not Received)

 How do I add new Users in Vital Interaction?


  • If user is to manage multiple locations, be sure to add them as an ADMIN.
  • BASIC users can only view the location for which they are assigned.  
  • Assign (by placing a check mark in the box):
    • View On - required to access the various Message Kinds in the Vital Interaction reports
    • Notifications On - enables the individual email notification messages for key events such as Decline responses and invalid contact information (good for schedulers)
    • Daily Report On - delivers a daily, summary report of the day's activities (good for managers) 
  • Always press SAVE button after making changes
  • Assign a TEMP PASSWORD which must be changed upon the initial login
  • Our Log-in so you may bookmark it:   https://safe.vitalinteraction.com/login/
  • Email is user ID - you will make a new password on first log-in
  • Password Rules:
    • At least eight characters with:
      • 1 upper case
      • 1 lower case
      • 2 numbers
      • 1 special character (!, @, #, $, etc.) 
      • Complex password for HIPAA security 
      • Example = Abc1234!

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